What happens in a typical class, is each week the same?

No two weeks are ever the same at Music Bugs! Our franchisees and session leaders have so many wonderful props, songs and activity ideas at their disposal, to ensure that the class is great fun every single week for both you and your child. During a typical 40-minute class, you and your child will enjoy, nursery rhymes, silly songs, knee bouncers, counting songs, body percussion, marching songs, tickling songs and so much more! Often there will be an exciting weekly theme such as ‘Jungle Adventures’, ‘Dinosaurs’, ‘Bugs and Beasties’, ‘Animal Safari’. You and your little one will also have lots of fun together with our fantastic props; too many to mention here but puppets, hobby horses, parachute games, sensory props, percussion instruments, role-play costumes, light up props and so much more! Our session leaders have so much fun planning their amazing weekly sessions and can’t wait to share the joy with you and your family.