Cessation of Franchise

Cessation of Franchise Form

In order to bring an end to your Franchise Agreement and contractual obligations with Music Bugs, there are a few tasks that may need to be completed. The following questions will allow us to highlight whether any outstanding tasks exist, particularly with regard to any outstanding franchisee obligations.


Outstanding/Overdue Commitments

Please use this section to tell us about any outstanding contractual or financial commitments you still have. In most cases, these will need to be settled/resolved before you can commence your resale.

Class Leaders/Employees

We need you to provide the log in details for each of your social media accounts. Please provide all necessary details below. Before the cessation of your franchise, Head Office needs to have complete control of all social media accounts. To save time, you may find it helpful to change the mobile number associated with your accounts to 07713 983277 - particularly where 2 step verification is needed.

E Marketing Accounts (Mail Chimp, Send In Blue etc)

Facebook Main Page

Parent and Carers Group

Music Bugs Branded Profile Account

A profile account you created to access your main FB page and/or parent and carer group



Tik Tok


You Tube

Other Social Media Accounts