World Nursery Rhyme Week – how to take part

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When is World Nursery Rhyme Week?

This year, the event will run from 7th to the 11th November 2016

Who can take part in World Nursery Rhyme Week?

World Nursery Rhyme Week is open to anyone who has or works with children under the age of 7. e.g. Parents, Primary Schools, Nurseries, Preschools, Children’s Centres, Toddler Groups, Home Educators, Playgroups, Creches, Childminders, Libraries, Breakfast Clubs, After School Clubs, Nannies, Trainee Teachers, Language Therapists, Supply Teachers …. in short, anybody who has, or works with children under the age of 7 can take part.

Is participation free of charge?

Yes, registration and all resources are provided free of charge. You will need to have access to a printer and a PC/Laptop.

I’m a parent/grandparent/childminder, can I take part at home?

Absolutely.  All of the resources can be accessed from a home computer and printer. Just choose and download the resources you require (you don’t have to use them all).

What is the ‘Rhyme A Day’ challenge?

We choose 5 traditional nursery rhymes and challenge you to join us and sing one a day with your children.

What are the 5 rhymes for 2016?:

Monday 7th November -“Doctor Foster”

Tuesday 8th November – “Baa Baa Black Sheep”

Wednesday 9th November – “Two Little Dickie Birds”,

Thursday 10th November – “Incy Wincy Spider”

Friday 11th November – “Hey Diddle Diddle”.

What will my resource pack contain?

Your free resources are provided by Piccolo Music and Twinkl and contain the following for each of the 5 rhymes above:

  • An MP3 song download (Piccolo Music)
  • Musical activity ideas (Piccolo Music)
  • Colouring In Sheet
  • An animated PowerPoint presentation
  • Sequencing activities* (to develop early literacy skills)
  • Bordered writing paper* (for emergent handwriting techniques and mark-making)

In addition you will find:

  • Welcome letter and resource guide
  • Song Book (a lovely keepsake which can be coloured in)
  • Topic Webs* (planned around the seven key areas of learning for the EYFS Framework (UK))
  • Posters (to advertise your event)
  • Participation certificates
  • Quiz for Parents and Early Years professionals
* denotes those resources that have been designed with Early Years settings in mind. However these resources are available to all.

Will I need Adobe Reader to access the downloads?

Yes, most of the downloads (apart from the song files) are in PDF format. You can download Adobe Reader here free of charge

Can I just access the free song downloads?

Yes, you are welcome to download any of the resources you need.

Can you mail the resources?

Unfortunately, we are unable to mail resources due to the sheer volume of participants.

I’m a parent with a young baby. Will my child still be able to benefit from World Nursery Rhyme Week?

Absolutely, even the youngest of babies enjoy and will benefit from being sung to and now is the perfect time for you to re-familiarise yourself with the rhymes that were sung to you in childhood.

How do I register for World Nursery Rhyme Week?

You can register here. As soon as you have registered you will be invited to download your resources straight away.

How do I download my resource pack?

We use Dropbox to share these resources with you. You do not need to have a Dropbox account to access them. Simply click on the link provided (once you have submitted your registration form) and ‘download’ the file to your laptop or PC.

Please notesome organisations prevent access to sites such as Dropbox. If you are experiencing technical difficulties then please speak to your IT department. Alternatively, email the resources link to your home email address, download the items to your ‘Desktop’ and email the items back to yourself at work.

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