World Nursery Rhyme Week – how to take part

When is World Nursery Rhyme Week?

The event will run from 19th – 23rd November 2018.

Who can take part?

World Nursery Rhyme Week is open to anyone who has or works with children under the age of 7. e.g. Parents, Primary Schools, Nurseries, Preschools, Children’s Centres, Toddler Groups, Home Educators, Playgroups, Creches, Childminders, Libraries, Breakfast Clubs, After School Clubs, Nannies, Trainee Teachers, Language Therapists, Supply Teachers …. in short, anybody who works, or is involved with children under the age of 7 can take part.

Do I need to pay a fee to take part?

Participation and all resources are provided free of charge. All you will need is access to a printer and a PC/Laptop. We share all resources to Dropbox. You don’t need your own Dropbox account to access everything.

I would like to take part at home. Is this possible?

Absolutely.  All of the resources can be accessed from a home computer and printer. Just choose and download the resources you require (you don’t have to use them all).

What is the ‘Rhyme A Day’ challenge?

We choose 5 traditional nursery rhymes and challenge you to join us and sing one a day with your children. The 5 rhymes for 2018 are:

Monday 19th November – “Five Currant Buns”

Tuesday 20th November – “Humpty Dumpty”

Wednesday 21st November – “A Sailor Went to Sea”

Thursday 22nd November – “I’m a Little Teapot”

Friday 23rd November – “Round and Round the Garden”

What will my resource pack contain?

The following resources will be made available to participants: Welcome letter, MP3 song file, Colouring Story Rhyme Sheet, Cutting Exercise, Borders Collection, Craft/Art Activity, Pencil Control, Playdough Mats, Rhyme Card Colouring Sheets, Rock Stickers, Sequencing Activity, Word Trace, Music Activity Ideas (provided by Piccolo Music), Additional Activity Ideas (provided by Mrs Mactivity), Activity Ideas (provided by World Nursery Rhyme Week), Colouring Book, Participation Certificates, Posters, Logos, Nursery Rhyme Quiz, Organisers contact details.

Will I need Adobe Reader to access the downloads?

Yes, most of the downloads (apart from the song files) are in PDF format. You can download Adobe Reader here free of charge

Can I just access the free song downloads?

Yes, you are welcome to download any of the resources you need.

Can you email or post the resources?

Unfortunately, we are unable to send resources via email or post.

I’m a parent with a young baby – can we get involved?

Absolutely. The youngest of babies will enjoy and benefit from being sung to and our initiative provides the perfect opportunity for you to re-familiarise yourself with the rhymes that were sung to you in childhood.

How do I register for World Nursery Rhyme Week?

Our registration page can be accessed by clicking here

I have a question – who can I contact?

Please contact Kim Cunningham at

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