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Sensory music classes for your baby, toddler and pre-schooler in St Albans and South Herts

Hi My name is Cat and I am so excited to welcome you to Music Bugs St Albans and South Herts.

I am mummy to two toddlers and have seen the effect that the wonderful world of music has had on their social development, motor skills, confidence, physical ability and the creative impact it has had on my children since birth.

I am also a Musician, Singer and Songwriter and I have always had a passion for music. Being consistently exposed to music myself coming from a musical background and family, I have seen the benefits the release of music can have and strongly believe that it is a universal language that connects us all.

Music Bugs Classes provide a great opportunity to bond and engage with your child through music and movement. Providing a social, magical, fun environment where they can play, sing, dance, develop and grow in a wonderful multi sensory environment.

At Music Bugs we provide gently structured, play-based sessions for children from birth. Our 40 minute classes are full of fun and excitement with a large variety of fantastic props such as puppets, parachutes, pom poms, bubble machines, floaty scarves and teddies.

Come and join us and have endless fun singing nursery rhymes, counting songs, finger play rhymes, knee bouncers and action songs allowing you and your child to relax, have fun together and make lots of new friends!

Become a Music Bug and join us at Music Bugs St Albans, and South Herts. Book now.